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    EMMA™ saves customers money by getting the job done faster, by making scheduling more reliable, and by eliminating many of the expenses normally associated with holding vibrating tools - worker's comp costs, absentee costs, injury and medical expenses, turnover and training. EMMA reduces abrasive sheet usage substantially, and also saves on scrapped parts and rework expenses.


    A brief consultation with Temple Allen personnel can help customers generate a cost-benefit analysis which will calcuate how quickly EMMA pays for herself (typically, the ROI period is between 9 and 12 months). To get started, look at the list of questions below and give us a call at 301.541.3662


    ROI Questions

    Current Process  
    # of parts (or panels, or assemblies, etc.) undergoing surface preparation - 12 month period  
    Total square feet of part (or panel, or assembly, etc.) undergoing surface preparation  
    # of times this part surface gets sanded  
    Total sanding time  
    Total prep time (masking/taping, cleanup, donning suits, moving scaffolding, etc.)  
    Annual Ergonomic costs (Known or reasonably predicted vibration-related injury costs for doctor visits, therapy, or surgery, plus costs for absenteeism, training replacement workers, and retraining workers no longer able to sand)  
    Annual CORRS (Cost of Rework, Repair, and Scrap)  
    Morale cost ($/hr, fully burdened)  
    Typical Annual cost of sanding supplies  
    Regulatory Compliance costs/year (estimate) (OSHA, specification changes, FAA, etc.)  
    Production Rate Increase costs/year, if any (estimate) (mancount, tools, and workspace costs required to meet production goals without EMMA implentation)  
    EMMA Process  
    % of part to be prepared by EMMA equipment (estimate)  
    # of parts to be prepped (with EMMA) in 12 month period  


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